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Mike Leach stands firm after controversial day for Cougar football

The head coach of the struggling Cougars remains steadfast in his ways after suspending the team's all-time leading receiver, Marquess Wilson.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Washington State Cougars head coach Mike Leach is sticking to his guns after suspending wide receiver Marquess Wilson indefinitely on Monday morning, according to a report from Bud Withers of The Seattle Times.

Wilson, the Cougars' all-time leading receiver, was suspended after he left a grueling conditioning practice on Sunday night after Washington State (2-7) was demolished 49-6 by Utah on Saturday.

Leach defended his actions in his weekly news conference on Monday afternoon, telling The Seattle Times, "We're not changing. This isn't a democracy. We don't say, 'Hey, you 125 guys, how do you want practice to be? What sort of direction do you want this to go?'" The first-year Cougars head coach runs a tight ship, and isn't going to cater to the desires of individual players. "Our standards are what our standards are. If somehow the standards don't appeal to one player or another, that's pretty irrelevant. They're either on board or off, and I can live with it either way."

The junior wide receiver has reportedly "never clicked" with Leach and his staff and had considered quitting as early as last spring.