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Coug Center takes a closer look at the 2013 schedule

With Auburn announcing their schedule, some of the gaps in Washington State's 2013 schedule can start to be filled in.


While the 2013 college football season may be 10 months away, that doesn't mean fans around the country aren't already looking forward to next year's schedule. SB Nation's Washington State blog, Coug Center, has started to fill in some of the gaps for the 2013 Washington State schedule, with the recent release of the Auburn schedule being the impetus. The Tigers just announced their 2013 schedule, and it locks the Cougars into an Aug. 31 opener on The Plains. That leaves BYU as another major non-conference foe not yet officially scheduled, but Mark Sandritter tries to pin down the date for next edition of cougar-on-cougar violence:

With the Idaho game already set for September 21, the non-conference schedule is taking shape. WSU and BYU haven't officially announced a date yet, but we can make an educated guess. With Pac-12 scheduling rules limiting non-conference games to the first four weeks of the season and the open dates in BYU's 2013 schedule, we can assume that game will be played during the week of September 14.

That would set Washington State's schedule for most of the first month, with the opener at Auburn, a bye, and then BYU and Idaho in back-to-back weeks at home. The BYU game is the second leg of a home-and-home series, with Mike Leach and WSU getting routed in this season's opener in Provo.

Sandritter also expects the Apple Cup to be played on Nov. 30, the week after Thanksgiving..