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Washington State Vs. Eastern Washington: Coug Center Reaction

It was too close. It was way too close. Washington State may have beaten Eastern Washington on Saturday, 24-20, but it was only a few inches away from not ending in the Cougars' favor.

After letting the win marinate for a little while, the Coug Center realized just how close the Cougars came to losing on a hail mary pass in the closing seconds. The Mike Leach-era's first win would have had to wait another week if the final pass had a different result.

Nonetheless, the Cougars came out with a win, even though the Cougars lost quarterback Jeff Tuel to a knee/leg injury in the third quarter.

Even with the win, the Coug Center had mixed emotions about it all. Too many big plays allowed on defense even with a good showing by the front seven. Lack of consistency still remains on the offensive side of the ball. Everything about it led to the Coug Center deeming it "a very ugly win for WSU."

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