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Washington State Dismisses Senior Guard Reggie Moore From Team

Washington State Cougars senior guard Reggie Moore was dismissed from the men's basketball team on Monday.


Senior guard Reggie Moore was dismissed from the Washington State Cougars men's baskeball team on Monday for violation of team rules.

Washington State head coach Ken Bone didn't shine any light on the matter, saying in a statement, "Reggie has been an important part of the basketball program for the last three years and I wish him the very best in the future."

Moore is often labeled as one of the more underrated guards in the country, and his senior leadership was going to be important for the Cougars to compete in the Pac-12. He averaged 10.2 points and 5.2 assists last year.

This isn't the first time Moore has been in trouble during his collegiate career. He was suspended for one game in his sophomore season for marijuana possession.

Moore was one of Bone's first big recruits back in 2009. He picked the Cougars over Oregon, Memphis and UCLA. The Cougars were 19-18 last season, and went 7-11 in the Pac-12.

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