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Colorado Vs. Washington State 2012: Mike Leach Blows Late 4th Down Call

The Washington State Cougars took a heart-wrenching 35-34 loss on Saturday to the Colorado Buffaloes. The Cougars had a shot late in the game to earn themselves a win but fell short.

It all came down to a late fourth-down play that the Cougars went for, which Craig Powers over at Coug Center describes below:

Mike Leach is known for going for it on fourth down. But he certainly isn't consistent about it. With a chance to kick a short field goal in the fourth, he went for it as expected. Halliday threw a pick. Next time, with a chance to go for it, he kicked the field goal. If he had made the same decision earlier, WSU probably would have walked away with a win. And yes, when a coach is getting paid $11 million, he gets to be questioned.

But those decisions aren't the most frustrating part about it. This team never should have been in this situation. Colorado is awful. Guess what that means? WSU is awful, too.

The Cougars must now regroup and prepare for their matchup with the No. 2 Oregon Ducks next week at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.

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