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Washington State Vs. UNLV 2012: Connor Halliday And Jeff Tuel In Quarterback Controversy

The Washington State Cougars defeated the UNLV Rebels on Friday night, and one of the things to come out of the game has been a renewal of the debate over who should be playing quarterback, Connor Halliday or Jeff Tuel. With Tuel nursing a knee injury, redshirt freshman Halliday started against UNLV and went 26-for-45 for 378 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions.

What does this mean for Cougar football? SB Nation Washington State blog Coug Center weighs in, stressing that it may be best for the program for there to be no debate at all:

Here's the thing: It doesn't matter. What Washington State has is two capable quarterbacks with different enough skill-sets. Tuel can run and has a wisdom about him that keeps mistakes at a fairly low level. Halliday has a cannon and can fit balls into small spaces. Both have their issues and both have their upsides, but each is capable of taking the reigns.

Check out the full post for the complete argument on how Washington State is big enough for both quarterbacks.

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