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VIDEO: Mike Leach And Chip Kelly Interviewed By SB Nation Studios

If you had to pick two college football coaches in the Pac-12 who you would want to spend most of your time being interviewed by, they'd probably be Mike Leach of the Washington St. Cougars and Chip Kelly of the Oregon Ducks, both for differing reasons. Kelly is one of the most innovative college football coaches out there and will probably have so many interesting and insightful things to talk to you about. Leach meanwhile is a man who will answer almost any question you give him. There's a lot to like about both of them, as they're two of the most candid personalities in the conference.

Which is why it's so delightful that SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein managed to catch up with both of them at Pac-12 Media Day (plus a few other personalities), and both of them provided excitingly fresh insight. Check out the video interviews of both after the jump.

Leach talked about the host of challenges he has to deal with as the new Washington State head coach.

Kelly provided plenty of insight and spoke extremely fast as he is accustomed to doing while providing insight. Great interviews, watch both of them!

Talk more about Kelly with Oregon fans at Addicted to Quack, and more about Leach with Washington State fans at CougCenter.