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Ryan Leaf Sentenced Seven Years, Will Receive Drug Addiction Treatment For Nine Months

Ryan Leaf will be getting a chance to redeem himself and try and make something of his troubling drug addiction. Unfortunately, he will also have to spend time in jail for his latest crimes.

Leaf apparently robbed the home of an acquaintance to acquire painkillers. He also violated his probation, which forced him to stay in custody. He also faced two counts of criminal possession for holding onto dangerous drugs. Leaf could have faced up to 50 years in prison if he received the maximum punishment.

The Associated Press reports that Leaf finally received his sentence for his latest crimes, and Leaf will be spending seven years under the supervision of the Department of Corrections.

District Judge Kenneth Neill of Great Falls sentenced Leaf on Tuesday to seven years with the Department of Corrections, with two years suspended. Neill recommended that Leaf's sentence start with treatment at a program in Lewistown, followed by time in a prerelease center.

It's a sad day for Leaf, and one can only hope that he's able to turn it around during his sentence.

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