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Mike Leach Talks Wife Moustaches [AUDIO]

A woman with a moustache can be a very delicate subject. It's not easily approached. It's not easily broached. You have to approach the subject with delicacy. Particularly if it's your wife. Otherwise you're asking for trouble.

Mike Leach is a brave man, and he went into detail on the subject in a recent interview. You can view the crucial quotes after the jump.

Leach talked about the matter on the Brock and Salk Radio show on ESPN 710 AM. The Washington State head coach doesn't preach ignoring the moustache or encouraging the wife to remove it, but believes in awareness and positive reinforcement.

Leach: "Shoot, I think you tell her that the mustache looks very distinguished. And then as she makes .. she may go ahead and handle it herself.

Salk: "So flattery is what you’re saying?"

Leach: "You know, yeah. Point out that nevertheless it’s a mustache."

He also talks about other things, like football. He's very good at talking about football. Check out the full interview by clicking here!

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