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Mike Leach Shoots A 350 Pound Bear

So when Mike Leach said he was going to go up to Canada to hunt bears with former Cal quarterback and Outdoor Channel host Mike Pawalaski. Cool, fit his quirky personality. He was also watching Grizzly Man in preparation, which was actually a documentary about a man who was trying to protect grizzly bears all his life. Again, quirky.

But when he actually delivered on his hunting trip? That, my friends, is where things got very real!

Seven feet, 350 pounds. Bill Hanstock points out how impressive that is over at the mothership!

Not only did Mike Leach shoot a bear, but Mike Leach shot one of the biggest bears his guide had ever seen. I can only assume that this "guide" was Leach's assistant on a bear-shooting expedition. Possibly to New Bearistan, or Bearitonia.

We have no visual evidence of this, but Mike Leach doesn't strike us as the type of individual to tell tall tales.

Talk about Leach's hunting exploits over with Washington State fans at CougCenter.

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