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Mike Leach press conference notes from CougCenter

Leach drops analogies and one-liners like only Leach can as a minor press conference turns into a verbal showcase

William Mancebo - Getty Images

Reporters thought all they were going to get was a short press conference. Then Washington State head coach Mike Leach reminded them yet again that he is arguably the most quotable coach in the country. Leach turned the press conference into 32 minutes of interwoven randomness and football like only Leach can.

CougCenter put all the highlights here, and they include a few epic tales of hilarity.

First and foremost, anytime a coach gets asked a question that doesn't have a question mark at the end of it, their reaction can always be somewhat unpredictable. But Leach's response to that very same mode of questioning was a new one.

Question: Little bit of a contrast in styles going from preparing for Oregon to preparing for Oregon State …

Leach: TRUE!

Yes, Leach just agreed with the reporter and moved on.

The Oregon State defensive ends were a topic of discussion, and Leach put together this gem of an anology.

"Do the best we can. They play really hard, they're talented. I don't know … basically have a bunch of people go to Corvallis sometime this week. Take ‘em out, make sure they stay out too late, Shanghai ‘em and leave ‘em in a foreign country. That's what we have in mind. There are some flaws to that and some bugs to that idea that we're working through right now as I speak. … well the quick answer is block ‘em."

Only Mike Leach can put together such priceless material at a borderline meaningless press conference.