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Q & A With Cody Taylor, Hazen High School Running Back

Senior running back Cody Taylor out of Hazen HS is one of the top offensive players in the Seamount League. Taylor led his team to a 34-32 victory over Blaine last Saturday after rushing for 124 yards and scoring three touchdowns.

Cody Taylor Hazen High School (Photo Credit: Lisa Lombardo/Double L Photography)
Cody Taylor Hazen High School (Photo Credit: Lisa Lombardo/Double L Photography)

Hazen's Cody Taylor led his team to a 35-32 victory over Blaine at the Emerald City Kickoff Classic at CenturyLink Field last Saturday. The senior running back rushed for 124 yards scored three touchdowns, including a 94 yard touchdown reception.

How was the experience at CenturyLink field last weekend?
It was awesome! Knowing the Seahawks play there and winning was just a great experience.

What was the biggest difference from playing on that field as compared to the typical high school fields you play on?
i think the stadium itself was the biggest difference. It was huge!

Speak on the win, what did your team do particularly well?
We really stuck together as a whole and rallied as a team. My line did a great job blocking which made it much easier for me to score.

You're a running back, correct?
Yes. I play corner back too.

Which side of the ball do you enjoy more and why?
That's a tough question! I love running the ball but I also enjoy hitting kids. I love just being on the field so I'm not sure to be honest.

If you could compare yourself to an NFL or NCAA player, who would it be?
I'd say Chris Polk because It takes more than one person to take me down! I also have really good balance and I am not afraid to lower my shoulder and run some people over.

Are you a big Husky fan?
Yep! I went to the game against Eastern Washington on Saturday.

Are you looking to play football at the collegiate level?
That's my plan. I hope a college will offer me something.

Has anyone shown interest at this point?
Many D3 schools and a few D2 schools! Ive had WSU and BYU visit me at school, but no offers. I've also had many colleges say they are intersted in me on my gobigrecruiting profile.

What were the main team goals for Hazen entering this season?
To lead the league in rushing for the second time in a row, be the Seamount League champions and go deep into the playoffs.

Who will be your biggest competition in the league this year?
Lindbergh and Kennedy Catholic for sur.

How is your punter Eddie Timm doing, I saw that he was taken off by stretcher?
He is doing better! He is at school but im not sure how long he is out for. That was a scary moment for us and for everyone in the stands.

Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?
On the bus I think of the game and what I'm going to do. I pray during the national anthem as well.

Favorite post game snacks/meal?
Cranberry juice and pasta.

What's the last movie you saw in theaters?
30 minutes or less! It was so funny.

Celebrity crush?
Taylor Swift! And Hope Solo too!

Finish the sentence: My coaches and teammates would be surprised that...
I might model after football.

Anything else you'd like to say, any shoutouts?
Shoutout to my offensive line! I love them and am tahnkful for all the hard work they put in. Thanks to the coaches for pushing us everyday all the time! Thanks to my dad for making me the athlete and person I am today. And lastly thanks Buddy and your family for always being there for me.