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Rahmel Dockery Denied Eligibilty By NCAA Clearinghouse, According To Report

Freshman Rahmel Dockery wants to play for the Washington State University Cougars, but the prospect seems unlikely as of today.'s Jake Worthen is reporting that Dockery's request to become eligible has been denied by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Dockery took classes in an attempt to meet NCAA eligibility requirements this summer, but it appears that the NCAA is not satisfied. Both student and college had high hopes for Dockery this season, but both parties may have to wait. The Cougars have also stated their attention to redshirt Dockery if he does indeed become eligible this season.

The freshman played cornerback and wide receiver in high school at Curtis High School, leading his team to an impressive 14-1 record during his senior year. He could become a big weapon for the Cougars in the coming years, and the team will not give up its battle to have him on board this season just yet.

Worthen reports that the Cougars are likely to appeal Dockery's case, so the saga may not be over yet.

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