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Adam Braidwood Likes Guns, Facing A Laundry List Of Criminal Charges

Former WSU defensive lineman Adam Braidwood has run into some serious legal trouble over the past year, and is facing a laundry list of charges.

Former Washington State lineman Adam Braidwood is having a rough go of it lately, running into trouble with the law multiple times in the last year. The latest incident, which involved a firearm, ended with Braidwood in the hospital, and will likely result in even more charges tacked onto his growing rap sheet.

While it's unclear exactly what happened this time, it appears Braidwood shot himself while discharging a firearm inside a residence. This was probably a bad idea, considering everything else Braidwood is already facing for incidents that have occurred in the last 10 months.

"Investigators found no damage outside the residence and determined that the only injuries suffered as a result of the discharge of the firearm were suffered by Braidwood," the release said.

H/T Andrew Bucholtz

Previously, Braidwood was arrested in a kidnapping incident, which allegedly took place in November. Just a month later, he was hit with assault and weapons charges as a result of an alleged domestic incident. Braidwood was also charged with two counts of sexual assault, stemming from the same December incident.

This was a terrible "Where are they now" series entry.

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