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Jeff Tuel Injury: Tuel Could Be Cleared In Three Weeks

Washington State head football coach Paul Wulff talked about the status of Jeff Tuel's broken collarbone on a Seattle radio show Thursday, stating that the injured quarterback could be cleared to play in as little as three weeks.

Initial reports were for a 5-8 week recovery period for his fractured clavicle, and Tuel likely will need more time to heal than coach Wulff's optimistic outlook. The 6'3" 223 pound junior is set to undergo further evaluations next week about the progress of his injury, when there could be a clearer idea of how far along he is to being football ready once again. 

Tuel is very excited to get back on the field, throwing when he can with his left arm tightly to his chest, while getting in cardio sessions on the stationary bike as much as possible. Although a broken collarbone needs it's time to come back together, Tuel sounds like he will be ready to go once it's good to go.