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NBA Mock Draft: Klay Thompson To Golden State Warriors In Final Projections

The 2011 NBA Draft is just hours away and the final iterations of 2011 NBA mock drafts are trickling out. A lot can change in the next five hours, and even over the first hour of the draft, making the mock drafts a best guess of where a player's stock lies -- nothing more, nothing less. For Klay Thompson, though, the news continues to be good, and he may be benefactor of the NBA Draft rumor mill.

In his final 2011 NBA mock draft, SB Nation's Tom Ziller is sticking with Klay Thompson to the Golden State Warriors. He's had Thompson in the same spot for quite some time and appears to be content with his pick, though I'm sure Nate Parham is still hoping for a defensive stopper.

But there could be a curveball thrown in and its name is the Sacramento Kings. Thompson worked out for the Kings last Saturday and, by all accounts, did well for himself. Ziller, who's based in Sacramento, notes the Kings' front office could go bonkers and pull a name out of thin-air.

The Kings would dance for weeks if Knight fell past Toronto. Assuming that doesn't happen, Leonard or Walker appear to be next ... though don't count out the ability of Geoff Petrie to confuse the f--k out of everyone. Alec Burks, Klay Thompson, Jimmer Fredette, Kenny Smith, Bobby Hurley, Dan Dickau, Pervis Ellison and Quincy Douby have all gotten recent mentions here.

The Kings pick seventh and should have plenty of options available. The fluid nature of the NBA Draft makes it nearly impossible to figure out how the early portions will shake-out, especially with teams leaking false and misleading information all the way up until they pick. But if this is where Thompson's stock lies, he'll be a lottery pick, and perhaps a top-10 pick on Thursday evening.

We'll find out where Thompson ends up as the 2011 NBA Draft gets underway on Thursday at 4 p.m. For the latest projections ahead of the draft, stay with our 2011 NBA mock draft StoryStream. For more on the Washington State Cougars, head over to SB Nation's CougCenter.