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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Klay Thompson To Golden State Warriors Still A Popular Projection

We've seen Klay Thompson linked to the Golden State Warriors numerous times over the course of the last week. Thompson was in the Bay Area last weekend, working out for both the Warriors and Sacramento Kings along with Alec Burks. From all accounts, Thompson was impressive in the workouts, as he has been throughout the process. And in the latest round of 2011 NBA mock drafts, the Warriors and Thompson remain strongly linked.

Over at SB Nation, Tom Ziller has Thompson at No. 11, selected by the Warriors in his latest 2011 NBA mock draft. But the choices at that 11th pick are interesting, and something I'm sure our resident Golden State fan has something to say about. For Ziller, it's either Thompson or Bismark Biyombo, with the Washington State product winning out.

11. Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson, G/F, Washington State

This pick looks to be between Thompson and Biyombo. Which is like saying your dinner choices are between a burger and fries and wallaby tongue.

Last weekend, Nate Parham, a Warriors fan and writer, took a look at whether Thompson would be a good fit for a Warriors team that boasts Monta Ellis in the backcourt and lacks a defensive anchor. Biyombo would be that anchor and while Thompson is superb on the offensive end, his defense remains a question. Given the choice, I'd be willing to bet Parham would rather see the Warriors take Biyombo.

We'll find out where Thompson ends up as the 2011 NBA Draft gets underway on Thursday at 4 p.m. For the latest projections ahead of the draft, stay with our 2011 NBA mock draft StoryStream. For more on the Washington State Cougars, head over to SB Nation's CougCenter.