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2011 NBA Mock Draft: Klay Thompson To Washington Wizards And A Note About His Marijuana Arrest

Another week brings another round of 2011 NBA mock drafts and Washington State star Klay Thompson is still firmly in the first-round mix as the big day approaches. A lot can change over the next three weeks as players continue to participate in combines, workouts and interviews ahead of the 2011 NBA Draft. It's moving time for most prospects, and Thompson has a chance to push his way into the top-14 picks.

Before we get into where Thompson is, Tom Ziller's justification for Jimmer Fredette's place in his 2011 NBA mock draft must be pointed out. Ziller has Fredette heading to the Utah Jazz, and this is one of the more amazing ways to explain a pick.

--. --- -..   ... .- ...- .   - .... .   .--- .. -- -- . .-.

That's Morse Code and it reads "GODSAVETHEJIMMER." This is just pure creativity.

Back to Thompson, who is still hovering around the middle of the first round. We've seen him in the lottery and just outside the lottery, but it's clear the former Washington State star is in a good place ahead of the draft. And his place has been boosted by how open he's been about his marijuana arrest near the end of the season, not only addressing questions, but turning the arrest into a positive.

Thompson has pulled the ol' 180 on a weed violation -- he's responded to questions so openly and maturely that it's almost turned into a positive. The NBA: where explaining an arrest effectively boosts your draft stock.

Anyone who's watched Thompson during his time at Washington State shouldn't be surprised at his honesty when it comes to addressing the marijuana arrest. Following his suspension, Thompson took the microphone during the Cougars' regular season finale at Friel Court and apologized to the crowd for his arrest in a short, but tearful, speech. And while it doesn't excuse his actions, the fact he dealt with the problem head-on is admirable.

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