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New ASU and WSU Nike Uniforms Bear Striking Resemblance To Each Other

On consecutive days, within about 12 hours of each other, the Washington State Cougars and Arizona State Sun Devils rolled-out brand new uniform designs to much ballyhoo. The Cougars were first, modeling their new apparel at an event in Spokane, with Nike representatives in two championing the unique look. But the next day, Arizona State, also a Nike school, unveiled new uniforms across all its sports programs, and the look bears a striking resemblance to WSU’s new uniforms.

Here’s a look at one of the new Arizona State uniforms (via House of Sparky)

The lettering, fonts and striping are similar, though the colors are unique. The Sun Devils also brought black back as an alternate despite the sweltering heat in Arizona. The biggest change was the logo, with Sparky sent packing and the pitchfork taking its place.

Now compare those uniforms to Washington State’s, seen from our initial StoryStream post on Monday.

The colors are clearly different, but the striping on the shoulders is similar, as is the font. Instead of a black alternate, Washington State stuck with its traditional colors in creating an all-gray uniform with charcoal pants. The Cougar head logo synonymous with Washington State remains untouched, and continues forward as a symbol of the Cougars, giving alumni a sense of pride.

Two days and two uniform overhauls, both of which were done by Nike. Though each school has its unique quirks, the uniforms do have a similar look and feel. Even still, it’s an exciting time for these two Pac-12 schools, and the new uniforms created plenty of buzz in the wake of their unveiling.

For more on the uniforms, head over to SB Nation’s Washington State blog, CougCenter, and Arizona State blog, House of Sparky.