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New WSU Uniforms Receive Solid Reviews From Fans

The new WSU uniforms have been thoroughly picked apart and analyzed, giving us a better idea of the generally consensus surrounding Monday’s unveiling. It was difficult to see the details on the initial broadcast, but we have a better idea of the colors and smaller features of the Nike-designed uniforms after numerous pictures surfaced in the wake of Monday’s event in Spokane.

CougCenter’s resident uniform expert Grady Clapp took a look at the uniforms and gave each sport a grade, as well as detailed the intricacies of the new apparel. Clapp was pleased with the redesign, and gave everything a solid passing grade, if not a superb one.

Overall re-branding grade: A. Look, I could be overly critical, but do you realize how many professional organizations throw tons of money at a design and still screw it up? I’d take the Cougars’ graphic design elemetns any day over about 75% of the pro teams out there, and I prefer them to the vast majority of college programs as well.

Read Clapp’s full uniwatch update over at CougCenter for more pictures and analysis.

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