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New WSU Uniforms Feature Color Changes, All-Gray Football Alternate

Washington State and Nike set about on a journey, as Todd Van Horn describe, to build upon a vision. Athletic director Bill Moos was unsatisfied with the wide-array of uniform colors, styles and fonts when he arrived, and decided it was time to make a change. So in came Nike and with after a lengthy process, the Cougars had a true set of uniforms which remained consistent across every program in the athletic department.

The old gray, which looked more like silver, is gone, replaced by darker shades more closely resembling the word. Crimson is now uniform across the board, and has a more red feel to it. The letter and fonts have changed, but are recognizable no matter which uniform they're on, creating a marketable brand for Moos and the Cougars.

The end goal was all about marketing, with Moos describing the redesign as the sizzle for Washington State. The steak, or the on-field product, isnt' quite there, he admitted, but Washington State does have its sizzle now with a new look and feel. The change was well-overdue and represents the biggest uniform shift in quite some time for the Cougars, though the traditions have been kept in-tact, including that famous Cougar head.

Here is the full lineup of jerseys from Monday night's event at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane. More pictures and a recap of the event can be found over at CougCenter's WSU uniform redesign story.


And here is the smattering of football jerseys.


Photos via the WSU Cougars official Twitter account. For more on the Cougars and their new uniforms, head on over to CougCenter.