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WSU Basketball Video Plays Off Chrysler Super Bowl Commercial

An enterprising fan decided to make a highlight video featuring the Washington State Cougar basketball team this week, using the voice-over from the Chrysler 200 Super Bowl commercial as a soundtrack. The video, which features highlights from the Cougars 2010-2011 season, is a creative, and impressing, spin on the Chrysler 200 ad that drew rave reviews during the Super Bowl. The video stokes the flames of the WSU-UW rivalry, with clips of the Cougars' two wins over the Huskies spliced in amongst scenes from Pullman.

Check out the video, posted by Youtube user oldtrailerpro (H/T Brett Ward on Twitter for the find).

Washington State fans drew criticism for rushing the court after beating the Huskies the first time around, but the moment is featured prominently in the Youtube video. In fact, the whole video is about the rivalry, and the season sweep of the Huskies by the Cougars this season.

Washington and Washington State will go at it for a third, and final, time in the Pac-10 Tournament on Thursday, with the Cougars fighting to make the NCAA Tournament and the Huskies looking to secure an at-large bid, if not an automatic bid, as well. 

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