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Washington State Student Breaks Guinness World Record For Half-Court Shots In One Minute

There's a battle brewing over a Guinness World Record. Washington State University senior Charlie Vernon set the record for most made half-court shots in one minute with seven back in 2010, only to see his record fall recently. University of Wisconsin-Green Bay basketball player Eric Valentine snapped the record just a few weeks ago, hitting eight half-court shots, knocking Vernon from the record books. It was a showdown for half-court supremacy.

Never fazed, Vernon set out to reclaim what was rightfully his as he called the Guinness Book of World Records to set up a time to take another stab at the record. On Tuesday, he did just that, hitting the court in Smith Gym with a rack of basketballs and a dream (H/T WSU News).

Rest easy, Washingtonians, the record is back in the state where it belongs. Vernon hit nine half-court shots in the allotted time, taking back what's rightfully his. 

Will Valentine answer again? Do we have a Guinness Book war brewing? Is there a third challenger prepared to step up to the plate? Only time will tell, but Vernon appears to be up for the challenge, ready to defend his record at a moment's notice.