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Mike Leach's Book, And A Window Into The Washington State Coach's Mind

For about the last five days, Washington State fans have been soaking up any and all information relating to Mike Leach, the new head coach of the Cougars. Now that we're a few days past the official announcement from the school, and one day ahead of the press conference formally introducing Leach as the head coach, you may be looking to learn even more. We're here to help.


If you head over to CougCenter, you'll find an excerpt from Leach's book, Swing Your Sword. It's a book many Washington State fans have been powering through in the days since Leach was hired. Fans want to know what he brings, as well as what makes the man tick, and the book provides an excellent amount of insight into the man behind the pirate persona.


And for good reason. In Leach, the Cougars have inherited one of the more interesting head coaches in college football. His offense, the Air Raid, is well-known, as is his coaching philosophy and unconventional way of approaching the game of football.


More information, including links to buy, can be found at Diversion Books.