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VIDEO: Mike Leach, Pirate Ships And A Welcome To Wazzu

I'm a sucker for a well-made video and this is one. Mike Leach being given the keys to the Washington State football team was clearly an exciting move for fans of the Cougars, and the buzz has yet to die down. But we're almost past the initial wave of stories and analysis, which only means one thing: Time for videos!

No, we don't mean old game tapes of Leach's Texas Tech teams or his dating advice. This isn't about Leach's weather reports or some of his more colorful press conferences. Those are all great, but have nothing to do with Washington State.

Instead, a Washington State fan with excellent video editing capabilities welcomed Leach by way of Youtube. There's pirate ships, dramatic music, and subtle touches that make the video just an excellent watch.

Via NorCalCoug also known as Old Trailer Pro

I get the feeling Leach will fit right in with the Washington State crowd.