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Mike Leach On 'Short List' For Vacant WSU Football Head Coaching Job

The Washington St. Cougars are ready to move on from the Paul Wulff era and make a big upgrade for the program.  And they have a big target already on their mind.

Mike Leach has been the name bandied about since the beginning as someone the Washington State brass would love to have. Bill Moos has confirmed that speculation at the press conference announcing Wulff's dismissal.

"I know Mike Leach. Actually, Mike was here last spring conducting a clinic ... Pretty good record. I read his book"

It's not hard to see why Leach and Washington State would be a great fit. Like Lubbock, Pullman is a backwater in the conference that has a small but passionate group of fans that are dedicated to their team. Like Lubbock, Pullman should become a perfect place for the eccentric Leach to thrive. And WSU has the talent at quarterback and wide receiver to get the pass offense rolling.

There's a lot to like about Leach out West. It'll be interesting to see if Leach feels the same way.

To discuss the idea of Leach in Pullman, head to CougCenter to talk with Washington State fans.