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A Lesson For Reggie Bush About Steve Gleason

Reggie, I understand you might not know. I also understand Twitter is a place for instant reactions, and lends itself to word vomit. But you need understand that you're talking about Steve Gleason, a man universally loved in the Washington State Cougars. And understand that Mr. Gleason is dealing with an incredibly serious disease that will cause his health to decline at a very quick pace over the next few years, if not sooner.

So that's why this bothered me. I know you meant well, but it still bothered me. It's probably my own problem, but whatever.

Reggie_bush_normal Best wishes to former teammate Steve Gleason and a speedy recovery! @reggie_bush via Twitter

Reggie, there is no recovering. Mr. Gleason has ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease. He's going to die. He knows he's going to die and has accepted it. No, he hasn't just accepted it; he's thrived. He's grabbed life by the horns and is living it to its fullest.

Along the way, Mr. Gleason has become an inspiration to quite a few of us. He spoke to the Cougars before their game against Arizona State earlier this month -- a game they won in surprising fashion. Each and every one of them came away floored by how brave and inspirational he is. He even earned the game ball.

If you don't know Mr. Gleason's story, read about it, get caught up and donate to Team Gleason. Get to know who he is now, as he battles ALS, and you'll be amazed. That goes for you too, Reggie.