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Bill Moos To Hold Tuesday Press Conference To Discuss Paul Wulff's Status

The Washington St. Cougars have yet to make a decision on whether head coach Paul Wullf will stay or will he go. Discussions appear to have been ongoing between the leader of the football team and the leader of the program, athletic director Bill Moos.

Moos has said that he'll hold a press conference in 2 p.m. on Tuesday to talk about the future of Washington State football. It can only mean that WSU is prepared to come to a decision on whether Wulff is being jettisoned or being kept around.

There are plenty of reasons to keep Wulff. The head coach has never had a good situation to deal with since he got there, and there has been steady improvement every year. But Wulff still has had a 9-40 record as head man for the Cougs, and it's clear that Washington State has never really been on the national spotlight in his four years as their leader. The situation could go either way. Don't be surprised if Wulff is sent on his way.

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