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WSU Football Update: Paul Wulff Not Fired By Bill Moos. Yet.

Washington St. Cougars head coach Paul Wulff and athletic director Bill Moos had a long discussion on Sunday night that made it look as if Wulff would be terminated. Wulff had been rumored to be in danger of being fired after a 4-8 season that fell below the expectations of the program for 2011--namely, a bowl appearance, so at least a 6-6 record. It looked as if tonight would be the meeting where Wulff would be asked to leave the program.

However, it looks as if no one is going to get fired at Pullman tonight. The following comment was made by the athletic director after their meeting

"Paul and I met for an hour and a half this afternoon so I could hear his assessment of the season and where he would like to take the program from here. Our discussions will be ongoing."

Further reports indicate there will be more meetings tomorrow. That probably means Moos is still considering keeping Wulff around. That being said, the WSU football coach is probably still in a grave position and the athletic director is just making sure he does the right thing. Wulff could still very well be fired when it's all over.

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