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Washington State Broke Colorado Coach Jon Embree

I guess this was the breaking point for Colorado head coach Jon Embree. Following the Buffaloes' collapse on Saturday, in which the Washington State Cougars scored the final 14 points of the game, including the game-winning 63-yard touchdown catch by Marquess Wilson, Embree took to the podium and sounded like a broken man. He searched for answers, discussed the culture of the program and asked, repeatedly, when enough is enough.

For example, here's the general tone of the press conference.

So when is it enough? When are they gonna get tired of losing? When are they gonna get tired of finding a way of losing? Because you know what, this staff, we’ve been here for five frickin’ weeks and we’re tired of it. And if I’ve been here for five years, I gotta be tired of it myself too."

This doesn't do justice to the mini-rant, so check out the video after the jump.

It starts to get good at 2:30, when he launches into an amazing rant.

Welcome to the Pac-12, I guess. Never thought I'd see the day where Washington State broke an opposing coach.