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Jeff Tuel Injury: New Injury For Cougars' Quarterback Is Acute Compartment Syndrome

Washington State's quarterback, Jeff Tuel, just cannot catch a break anymore. First it was a broken clavicle, then it was a bad calf bruise, and now it is acute compartment syndrome, a very serious injury if not treated immediately.

Vince of The Spokesman Review has the update: 

After suffering a calf bruise against Oregon State, Tuel took the bus ride home with the rest of the team, spent Sunday in the training room getting treatment on his calf and clavicle - a CAT scan was taken and the bone isn't fractured again, just aggravated - and went home. That night the calf started to really hurt - sound familiar? - and Tuel let the training staff know.

He immediately checked himself in at Pullman Regional Hospital and doctors found the beginning of acute compartment syndrome, the same aliment that caused so much pain for running back James Montgomery a couple years ago.

This is obviously very scary for Tuel, his family, teammates, coaches and fans, though it was not as bad as it could have been:

Tuel's was caught so early there was no need for any surgery, the calf, while still painful, should heal fine and he should be healthy soon. But in time for the rest of this football season? He could be back but maybe not.

At this point a return to the football field this season would be nice, but Jeff's health and wellbeing obviously come first and foremost. No one is quite sure how long his recovery will take, but it is imperative for those around him to show patience every day. This is bigger than football.

For more on the situation, be sure to check out Coug Center and their take on the injury.