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WSU Vs. Stanford Score Update: Turnovers, Jeremy Stewart Lead Cardinal To 10-0 Lead Early In Second Quarter

Right off the bat, the WSU Cougars defense is putting massive pressure on the Stanford Cardinal. Damante Horton snatched Andrew Luck's first pass attempt of the game for an interception, Luck's third INT of the year.

The Cougars defense is playing a statement game already in this short game. On Stanford's second possession, Casey Locker leveled Stanford's leading receiver Chris Owusu on what would have been a certain first down conversion for the Cardinal. Owusu stayed on the ground for a long time following the hit, and left the game under his own power.

Late in the first quarter,Stanford pushed ahead deep into the WSU red zone, but were stopped in an impressive showing by the Cougars and held to a field goal.

The Cougars defense worked hard to keep the score close, but early in the second quarter Stanford was able to recover a fumble and drive to the red zone. Although the Cougars fought Stanford to fourth and inches, Jeremy Stewart pushed forward for a touchdown to put the Cardinal up 10-0.