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Go-2-Guy Jim Moore Has Had Enough

Loyal Cougar Jim Moore, of the Seattle PI, has seen enough of Paul Wulff and is on the “Fire Paul Wulff” bandwagon…for now. Even his daughters aren’t optimistic about the Cougs, leading Moore to wonder who the next coach should be.

After the USC game one of them said: “The Cougars are terrible,” and the other one asked: “When are we going to fire the coach?”

I’m back with the cynics who want Mike Bellotti, Mike Leach, Mike Price or Robb Akey as the next coach.

With the losses piling up, the fanbase is divided and angry. Attendance is low, morale is low and support for the program is diminishing. When Jim Moore turns on the football program, something has gone very, very wrong.

Of course, Moore ends his article saying everything could change with a win against UCLA this weekend. It’s clear this week will tell us a lot about the future of Wulff and the state of the program.