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Washington State Vs. No. 5 Kansas State: DeAngelo Casto To Start, Reggie Moore Will Not

We’re just minutes away from tip-off in Pullman and there is some personnel news to pass along for the Washington State Cougars. Point guard Reggie Moore is suited-up for the Cougars, but will not start. The point guard injured his left, non-shooting, wrist prior to the season and has missed the first five games because of it. That left wrist is heavily taped, leading one to wonder just how effective he will and what the possibility of aggravating the wrist is. We’ll see how much floor-time he sees.

DeAngelo Casto, on the other hand, will start and is showing no ill-effects of his sprained left foot. The center from Spokane, Washington injured his foot in practice, missing the past two games because of it. Casto had the same bounce in his step and quickness he did before spraining his foot, so it shouldn’t be an issue tonight.

The Cougars take-on the No. 5 Wildcats at 8 p.m. on FSN.