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Chip Kelly Talks Point Spreads, Makes Bizarre Dairy Queen Analogy

Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly is known for his straight shooting interviews. He doesn’t look ahead, respects the week’s opponent and isn’t baited into giving bulletin-board material. This week, the quotable Mr. Kelly gave the media another one for the books, using Dairy Queen Blizzards as an analogy for the Ducks’ win over Stanford.

The Oregonian’s Ken Goe has Kelly’s response to a question about practice habits and the first team offense and defense facing off against each other.

“If you go to Dairy Queen every day and get a Blizzard, the Blizzard doesn’t taste as good on the sixth day, you know what I mean?” Kelly asked, reaching for an analogy. “If you get one once a week, or once every two weeks,” it tastes better.

Pinned down on the Blizzard question, Kelly said his personal record for consecutive days of going to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard is two.

His favorite: Chocolate with Oreo Cookie.

Add Dairy Queen to a list of “likes” for Chip Kelly that also includes Corona. I’m not sure whether to be amused by or scared of Kelly at this point.

One thing’s for sure: he’s not scared of WSU.