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CougCenter's Guide To The Arizona Game

As he does every week, CougCenter’s Grady Clapp put together his Tailgater’s Guide To Cougar Football. In it, he recommends food and drink while previewing the opponent.

Here’s what he had to say this week.

Arizona is vulnerable. WSU is finally playing quality football, and the Wildcats’ psyche had to take a hit last week with a loss at home to Oregon State. That loss cost U of A a top 10 ranking and ruined the possibility of arriving at the midway point of the season undefeated. The Cougs may have had some off-the-field headlines this week, but I’ve often found those don’t affect a team’s play negatively; sometimes players rally around each other after being let down by one of their own. Add that to what should be a near-capacity Dad’s Weekend crowd, and you have all the makings of an upset.