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Bill Moos Gives Paul Wulff A Bit Of An Endorsement

As votes of confidence go, this isn't exactly the strongest one you can think of, but given where Washington State head football coach Paul Wulff has been over the last two-plus years, here's to betting he'll take whatever he can get at this point.

Coming off a pair of performances that can probably be described as the best of the Paul Wulff era -- remember, everything's relative -- WSU Athletics Director Bill Moos spoke with Vince Grippi of the Spokesman-Review today and gave Wulff his strongest words of support yet:

"They had a lot of damage control to take care of," he added. "Not to throw stones at anyone, but there was a pretty big hole to dig out of and now we can be in a building mode."

And he likes what Wulff is constructing.

"You can have good football teams without a good football program, but they are going to be hit and miss and they're going to be quick fixes," Moos said. "If the program itself is solid, it will produce winning teams.

"As I observe this, that's the direction Paul is trying to take this program."

Moos also said he was "most encouraged" by how the team competed against Oregon.

This is hardly an assurance that Wulff will be back in 2011, but it's the first public statements we've seen that Moos is happy with the direction of the program.