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Dave Muir Responds to Sports Illustrated Allegations

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Dave Muir, mentioned in the Sports Illustrated story about agents and improper benefits, was on 950 KJR with Ian Furness this afternoon and responded to the allegations that Ryan Leaf took money while at WSU.

Muir stated he was Leaf’s roommate and categorically denied the allegations, saying he spent "every waking moment" with Leaf and that the allegations are "completely false." Muir said the two were "barely getting by" and would take Gatorade from the team because they were that broke.

He also elaborated on the relationship Luchs had with Leaf and other players, saying he had no idea Luchs was an agent and thought he was "just a 20-year-old with some disposable income." He got the impression Luchs was a "hanger-on of football players" and nothing more.

When asked about the trip to Las Vegas, he said the trip "wasn’t some extravagant getaway as it’s been portrayed" and that they shared rooms at Harrah’s, spending as little money as possible.

Muir was angry about the allegations, calling Ryan "an easy target after his career in the NFL and the way it played out." He was most outraged about Leon Bender’s name "being dragged through the mud" and it was "tasteless and classless to bring up his name." Bender passed away after leaving Washington State.

Muir hypothesized that Luchs was "making one last gasp at a career and trying to make money" off the story by dragging former players through the mud. He admitted knowing Luchs, but said there was no indication Luchs was an agent.

Muir joins Torrey Hunter in denying the accusations. Singor Mobley, also a former Washington State player, has admitted to taking improper benefits from Luchs.