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ESPN Pac-10 Power Poll: Oregon First, WSU Improving, Washington Falling

Oregon hung onto their top-spot in Ted Miller’s Pac-10 power poll this week after escaping Pullman with a tougher than expected win. The Washington schools didn’t fare so well. The Huskies dropped to eighth place and the Cougars remained at the bottom again this week.

Miller, however, sees improvement in Pullman after the Cougars fought hard against a talented Oregon team.

Washington State: Warning, Pac-10. If you take the Cougars lightly and assume a victory, you are going to lose. Just got a feeling this team is going to beat someone this year. Also, level-headed Cougars fans should start thinking about the wisdom of letting Paul Wulff coach into his fourth year. This team is improving.

He also notes that good teams string together wins and Washington just isn’t there yet. After a great win at USC, the Huskies suffered a bit of a letdown, losing to Arizona State at home.