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Former Husky Alameda Ta'amu heads to court

Alameda Ta'amu will stand trial in Pittsburgh for being caught drinking and driving and assault.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Alameda Ta'amu of the Pittsburgh Steelers waived his right to a hearing and will stand trial for drunk driving and assault charges. The former Washington Husky defensive tackle was suspended by the Steelers for a brief period of time.

Ta'amu appeared contrite in court and apologized for his behavior.

On October 14th, Pittsburgh police caught Ta'amu driving a 2006 Lincoln Navigator on the wrong side of the road in the South Side of Pittsburgh. Ta'amu crossed into opposing traffic, nearly ran over a cop, nearly got shot by other officers who reneged due the number of innocent bystanders, hit plenty of parked cars, totaled his own car, took off his shirt and went running as far as he could, then got punched in the face for briefly resisting arrest.

Ta'amu played with the Huskies from 2008-11, starting 42 games in his four years with Washington. The Steelers drafted him with the 109th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.