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Huskies defeat Cal: Grading the game

Washington's win Saturday was much needed, but UW Dawg Pound questioned how the Huskies got there.


The Washington Huskies won a conference road game Saturday against the Cal Golden Bears, a 21-13 win. But any reasonable reader would hardly know the Huskies went on the road and won a game by how the UW Dawg Pound graded it out.

UW Dawg Pound's kirkd was conflicted about the win. It broke a six-game losing streak on the road for the Huskies, and the three road games in that streak this season were lost by an average of 34.7 points.

But kirkd felt the other side of the coin, too.

The fact the Dawgs were trailing for significant portions of the game and had to white-knuckle their way to a win doesn't exactly inspire confidence about the quality of this team.

Sophomore running back Bishop Sankey ran for 189 yards, so the running backs were given an A. The only other units that were graded out at an A were the secondary and special teams, which both received A-minus grades.

UW Dawg Pound was not particularly fond of how the defensive line performed Saturday. The line did not create any noticeable pass rush against what kirkd called one of the worst pass-protection offensive lines in the country, and a D-plus grade was given out in return.

The Huskies play their last home game Saturday against the Utah Utes then finish on the road with games against the Colorado Buffaloes and the Washington State Cougars.