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Washington vs. Cal 2012: Huskies get the win, but it wasn't pretty

The Washington Huskies have a W in the record books, but anyone who saw their Friday night game against Cal knows that putting it there was an ugly process.


The Washington Huskies defeated the California Golden Bears on Friday night, 21-13. A win is a win, but Washington was given a big favor in Cal's responding to any UW mistakes with mistakes of their own. Together, the two teams managed eight turnovers and 168 penalty yards, but in the end Washington put up 14 unanswered points and climbed above .500.

SB Nation's Washington blog UW Dawg Pound sums up the game in a post that manages to use the word "ugly" 13 times. Despite that, they highlight some performances from the Huskies:

Keith Price needed to not be the reason the Huskies lost. He was able to (not?) do that. He had a fumble, and threw one interception. He very well could have been the reason they lost the game, but he wasn't, because they won. He needs to put two hands on the football when he scrambles. He also (didn't happen tonight) needs to hold on the the ball tightly when he runs. Usually that is a figure of speech, but not in this use. He sometimes has the ball in good position but it goes out anyways. Typically that is either strength or not gripping the ball tightly. I think it is both.

Price had 235 yards on the night, his second highest total of the season. His third-quarter shot to Austin Seferian-Jenkins ended up going for 43 yards, his longest pass of the season. And speaking of Seferian-Jenkins:

Austin Seferian-Jenkins is a true beast. Mike Salk tweeted that Kasen Williams is the best player on the Dawgs, then Seferian-Jenkins went off. He finished with a career-high in yards and a touchdown. He is a first-round NFL draft prospect so long as he stays healthy enough. He wasn't as healthy as he has been, but it doesn't matter. Despite a thick layer of ugly tape around his ankle, he grabbed two jump ball deep throws from Keith Price. Great player.

The sophomore from Fox Island, Wash. had eight receptions for a season-high 152 yards in the game. The full post has even more on Sefarian-Jenkins and the rest of the team, so check it out by clicking here.

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