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Washington vs. Colorado: Huskies' defense shines in win over Buffaloes

The Colorado Buffaloes gained only 141 yards on Saturday, thanks to an "outstanding" effort from the UW defense.


The Washington Huskies posted a dominant win over the Colorado Buffaloes on Saturday, 38-3. Keith Price threw a career-high five touchdowns and the Washington defense held Colorado to just 141 total yards, 51 passing and 90 on the ground.

SB Nation's Washington blog UW Dawg Pound has a post up grading the Huskies, and despite the lopsided score, they still think some things could be improved. One of the ones they point to is the offensive line:

For those of us hoping to see a dominant ground game yesterday, the play of the OL came as a slight disappointment. They did well enough obviously, but given how bad Colorado has been all year, it wasn't anything special. They struggled at times to open holes for Sankey, and the rushing numbers were right in line with the average Buff opponent. Pass protection remains an issue as the Buffs recorded a couple of sacks and flushed Price multiple times. It wasn't a bad performance, but given the opponent, there was definitely room for improvement. Grade: C+

Price was sacked twice by Colorado, both times in the second quarter. Bishop Sankey gained 139 yards on 23 carries, above his season average, but a step down from the 189 and 162 yards he gained against the California Golden Bears and the Utah Utes. Sankey also did not record a touchdown for the first time in five games.

Aside from the offensive line, UW Dawg Pound hands out mostly positive grades for the game.

"You have to love what Travis Feeney is bringing to the [linebacker] position," they say, praising the secondary as "outstanding." Head over to the full post for the complete report.