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Huskies to continue Austin Seferian-Jenkins experiment at DE?

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The Washington Huskies will continue to use star tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins on the defensive side of the football.


The Washington Huskies have been looking for answers in their run defense. Despite being pretty solid at shutting teams down through the air, UW has been below average at keeping the run game down, and it has been their downfall in many of their losses.

But Washington might have found an answer from the unlikeliest of places. Tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins spent some time at defensive end in Washington's victory over Utah this past weekend. Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times files this report that has Seferian-Jenkins adjusting well to playing some defensive snaps.

"I want to play defense," he said. "I want to get sacks. I want to be a dominant pass rusher. I think I can do that with my body type and my work ethic. I think I just need more time to refine my skills and I can be a dominant pass rusher."

Seferian-Jenkins is already breaking records on the offensive side of the football. he caught his 96th pass against Utah, breaking the career record for a receptions by a Husky tight end in only his second season. Seferian-Jenkins has caught 55 passes for 731 yards and four touchdowns in his sophomore season. Can he make things happen on the defensive side of the football?