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2012 BCS standings: Washington Huskies break back into the top 25

The Washington Huskies sneaked back into the top 25 in the BCS rankings following their win over Utah on Saturday.


The Washington Huskies made their triumphant return into the BCS Standings, barely squeaking in at No. 25 following their 34-15 victory over the Utah Utes on Saturday.

The Huskies' Jekyll and Hyde season continues, as the win over Utah was their third straight following three straight losses to Oregon, USC and Arizona.

In the three-game winning streak, the Huskies defeated the then-No. 7 Oregon State Beavers, went on the road to California and won, and finished it up against Utah on Saturday. They have two games left, both on the road, against Colorado and Washington State.

As UW Dawg Pound points out, after so long of it being a miserable time, the future is finally looking bright for the Huskies.

The Dawgs got bowl eligible, and with games against Colorado, who can't stop anybody, and WSU, who is becoming more and more a mess each week, an 8-4 regular season is now the expectation. The program will go to it's third straight bowl as a result.

Meanwhile, the Oregon Ducks continued a slow and steady climb up the BCS rankings following Alabama's loss on Saturday. The 10-0 Ducks are now second to Kansas State in the BCS rankings.

The Oregon State Beavers predicatably fell in the BCS rankings following a 27-23 loss to Stanford on the road.

A full list of the BCS rankings can be found here.