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Huskies' Jekyll and Hyde season continues with win vs. Oregon State

The Huskies' bizarre season continued as they upset their second top-1o team this year.

Otto Greule Jr

The Washington Huskies came away last week with a great upset of the Oregon State Beavers and it was another game that solidified how hard it is to predict these 2012 Huskies.

Week in and week out, the question remains the same. Will the Huskies be the team that beat a then No. 8 Stanford 17-13 and Oregon State? Or will it be the Husky team that was blown out by LSU 41-3, Oregon 52-21 and Arizona 52-17?

"The personality is we've been schizophrenic," Justin Wilcox, Washington's defensive coordinator, told

"Consistency on our part has to improve. We have to continue to find the reasons why. But that's something that's shown up every week. Speaking from our side of the ball, we've played better against certain styles of teams. But at the end of the day it's confidence in your technique and scheme and abilities," Wilcox said.

The Huskies upset the Cardinal at home, seemingly erasing the bad memories of the LSU debacle. But momentum evaporated almost immediately as the Huskies went on a three-game losing streak to Oregon, USC and Arizona. Then, one month later, the students stormed CenturyLink Field for the second time this season as the Huskies upset another top-10 team.

Coach Steve Sarkisian says his team's identity is slowly but surely coming into focus as his young guys get a bit older each week.

"Each week I feel like we're getting one more guy and one more guy. That's all going to help shape our personality. Until then, we're going to continue to be a blue-collar, lunch-pail, hard-hat kind of team. And that's OK. You can win that way. It just makes it a little harder," Sarkisian said.

Luckily for Sarkisian and the Huskies, it would take a monster worse than Jekyll and Hyde to derail the Huskies as they close out their season. Although three of the four games are on the road, outside of Friday's game against Cal, the final three opponents are the bottom of the Pac-12 barrel. Colorado, Utah and Washington State combine for a 2-13 record in the Pac-12.