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Keith Price not worried about the critics

Washington's Keith Price said he isn't worried about the critics following a tough stretch.

Steve Dykes

Washington Huskies quarterback Keith Price has struggled recently, committing 10 turnovers over the Huskies last three games, but he said he isn't concerned about criticism from fans or the media.

Coming off an outstanding year, many had high expectations for Price this season with some fans even lauding him as a dark-horse Heisman Trophy candidate. Instead, Price's numbers have dropped significantly leading some to question if he should even remain the starter. A year after averaging 8.5 yards per attempt and throwing 33 touchdowns compared to just 11 interceptions, Price is averaging 5.6 YPA and has thrown eight touchdowns and eight interceptions this season.

For his part, Price isn't concerned instead saying the fans will come back when he starts playing well and the Huskies win some games.

"When I'm doing good, they'll jump back on the bandwagon," Price said, according to the Seattle Times.

Fans could be jumping back on the bandwagon as soon as Saturday if Price leads the Huskies to an upset victory against No. 7 Oregon State.