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Steve Sarkisian doesn't waver: Keith Price is the Huskies' starting QB

Sarkisian has no plans to bench quarterback Keith Price despite his recent struggles during the Huskies' three-game losing streak.

Otto Greule Jr

Washington Huskies' coach Steve Sarkisian dispelled any rumors he would be benching quarterback Keith Price on Monday, calling the notion crazy, the Seattle Times reported.

The Huskies have lost three straight, albeit two of those games were against No. 2 Oregon and No. 11 USC. But the Huskies haven't really been close, outscored 128-52 during the streak.

Price has especially struggled, throwing seven interceptions and fumbling away the football three times. His pair of fumbles against USC were absolute momentum killers, as the Huskies only lost 24-14.

When asked if he is contemplating a switch at quarterback, Sarkisian emphatically replied that Price would remain the Huskies' man running the offense:

"I wouldn't do anything ever to put him in a situation where I think he wouldn't be successful. So my goal is that he believes in me and in my ability to prepare him, to put together a game plan and to call plays that he can execute at a high level."

Price had a breakout year with the Huskies last year when he threw a school-record 33 touchdown passes. But after Price, the Huskies have a couple of freshmen as backup quarterbacks who have seen minimal time on the field in games this season.

The Huskies' offense has struggled mightily against Pac-12 competition this year. They only average 17.2 points per game, good for second to last ahead of the Utah Utes:

"I believe in Keith's ability to play that position. And we'll get it back. I just want to get it back sooner rather than later."

Price will have his hands full getting things back on track when the Huskies host one of the nation's top defenses in Oregon State this Saturday.