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Steve Sarkisian reacts to Huskies' blowout loss to Arizona Saturday

Washington Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian said that he feels QB Keith Price needs to trust him more after the team's 52-17 loss to the Arizona Wildcats this past weekend.

Otto Greule Jr

The Washington Huskies were annihilated by the Arizona Wildcats Saturday evening, 52-17, and as one might expect, head coach Steve Sarkisian wasn't too thrilled about it.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Sarkisian felt that QB Keith Price doesn't exactly trust his decision-making as a head coach. The junior signal caller needed 52 pass attempts to rack up 256 passing yards, a number that Arizona QB Matt Scott reached with only 22. Price also seemed to be second-guessing his reads all night as he threw two interceptions for the third straight game.

Here's what Sarkisian had to say about his relationship with his quarterback:

"I want him to believe me. I want him to take the information and the things that I'm giving him and trust me that what I'm telling him is the truth, and believe in what I'm asking of him to do and go out and do his best to try and do that. And if it doesn't work - as I told him - I'll be the first one to say, 'Keith, I was wrong. I'm sorry. I should have done a better job for you', but we can't get to that point if there's some doubt there."

Sarkisian went on to share with the media that he is "concerned" that his team might be losing some of its confidence. He feels that his team needs to "get back to believing ourselves" with his players telling themselves "I can beat that guy" when facing opponents in one-on-one battles.

But if the Huskies plan on turning their season around, they'll have to gain that confidence quickly with the team set to play No. 7 Oregon State this Saturday. It doesn't get much easier after that, either, with Washington having to play three of their final four games on the road.