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Washington Vs. LSU 2012: UW Dawg Pound Reaction

The Washington Huskies were not expected to beat LSU. Even the UW Dawg Pound knows that. And the Dawg Pound made sure to let Huskies fans know that they are not to fret about their team moving forward.

What happened on Saturday was supposed to happen on Saturday. They call them upsets because they are the unexpected. What happened Saturday is to be expected. A superior team defeated the Huskies, 41-3. No shame in that. But the Dawg Pound took a few more things from the game as well.

The Dawg Pound sees a need for improvement in the running game, though it recognizes that basing their judgment off a game against an LSU defense that's borderline NFL-ready is a little harsh.

Eleven penalties for 74 yards is not going to work, especially against a team like LSU that feeds off its opponent's mistakes. That is something that can be rectified in house with more discipline.

Shaq Thompson had the look of someone who may be making some big plays on defense in the near future.

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